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I explained that, with regard to this matter, I understand the situation with you understanding of the situation is very different, whether it is like when you say it clerk or our enforcement authority is perverting the law, to do with a little big problem articles, attempt to reach out across several business people home on purpose? I was going to ask discipline inspection and supervision departments to seriously look it up, find out, get to the bottom, who is responsible, who will severely deal with any responsible person can never expect to escape, otherwise everywhere shouting would not improve the development environment is a empty? But the problem did not find out until we can not be punished for one person. Moreover, today we have to study the leadership adjustment county departments, the township on the next step, please comrades around today's views on the subject.[Santa Clarita]

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XIA Jing Wu Hao Guan carefully read the report about the Whitewater City and other anti-corruption investigation report, and then on top made a "strictly and severely, from fast, continue to root out, according to the law," the important instructions.[Richmond]

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I very firmly avoid open her. I say cold face, do you come so late? The keys in your hand I'm not close yet? How do you come in?[Jersey City]


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October 25, 2006, led by five bodyguards to Yang dressed as tourists, came to Peak Scenic Area. Hiding in the woods using binoculars to observe first detained two men tall mountain Taiping sihou small stone house.[Saint Paul]

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